Mother's Best 100% Calamansi Juice - 5 oz


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Calamansi, also known as calamondin, kalamansi, or the Phillipine lime/lemon, is a small citrus fruit from Southeast Asia prized for its fragrance and flavor. Calamansi is a sour citrus that is used as a flavoring, not eaten as a fruit, similar to yuzu, kabosu, or sudachi. Calamansi has a refreshingly tart flavor that is reminiscent of orange, lime, and lemon with a strong and complex floral aroma. Calamansi is excellent as a flavoring for desserts, cocktails, and as an acidic component in foods such as sashimi, curries, and stir-fry dishes. Manila Gold 100% pure calamansi juice contains no additives or preservatives. Fresh calamansi juice is quickly package and flash frozen to preserve both quality and flavor. Each bag contains 12 individually packaged portions of calamansi juice.


Ingredients: Phillipine lemon extract.