About Us - Asian Veggies

Asian Veggies specializes in delivering Asian specialty products directly to your doorstep.

We are a company born from the pandemic and here's our story: Growing up as a kid, my dad was a produce wholesaler who would bring home all types of Asian vegetables. I had access to all types of these veggies and its become a staple in my everyday diet. Since moving out of Bay Ridge, I realized it's almost near impossible to get any of these vegetables near me or through online merchants. Which is why we're here.

During the COVID-19 lock down, my dad's business had taken a huge hit as restaurants & supermarkets were forced to shut down. Instead of watching all of his produce and business go to waste, we took a stand by creating this website to bring more order volumes his way.

Our produce is sourced directly from our partner farms that my dad is invested in. This means we are the first hands to touch your produce after it leaves the farm. Our mission is to provide direct access to specialty products that cannot easily be sourced outside of ethnic markets.


Asian Veggies is partnered with Mori NYC whose knowledge and network allow our expansion into all things non-produce from premium meat to seafood to dry goods. All of our sashimi fish and meat is expertly cut by chefs with decades of experience in the industry in Michelin starred restaurants.


Photo by Calla Kessler