Kagaya 100% Sudachi Citrus Juice - 3.5 oz


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Sudachi is a small, round, green citrus fruit that is a cross between yuzu and tachibana orange. Sudachi is a sour citrus that is used as a flavoring, not eaten as a fruit, similar to yuzu, kabosu, or calamansi. The uses of sudachi juice are numerous: use it to flavor sauces, add a final touch to cooked dishes, or flavor desserts and cocktails.


Uses: A simple and elegant way to use sudachi is to add a splash of juice to a good quality soy sauce to make ponzu dipping sauce. This dip is commonly used with sashimi, soba, and shabu shabu meats. Add sudachi juice to cocktails, desserts, and sauces to add a unique flavor.


This is 100% all natural sudachi juice from Japan.