100% Yuzu Juice Shirakiku - 6.7 oz


Yuzu, also known as Japanese lemon, is one of the world's most coveted citrus fruits due to its strong and distinctive flavor. Yuzu is a sour citrus with an incredible aroma that is floral, refreshing, and citrusy: it has been described as the epitome of citrus flavor. This fruit is ubiquitous as a flavoring in both sweet and savory dishes. The intensely aromatic juice improves foods with an indescribable quality. Yuzu is a unique ingredient that has no substitution.


Uses: A simple and elegant way to taste yuzu is to add a splash of juice to a good quality soy sauce to make ponzu. This dip is commonly used with sashimi and shabu shabu meats. Add yuzu juice to cocktails, desserts, and sauces to add a depth of flavor.


This bottle is 100% all natural fresh yuzu juice without any salt, additives, or preservatives.