Chairman's Reserve Heritage Prime Pork Belly Slab - 1.5 Lbs


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Pork belly, also known as pork side, is renowned for its well-marbled meat and full-bodied flavor, making it a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Chairman's Reserve heritage pork has a fantastic ratio of lean meat to fat in additional to superb marbling resulting in an exceptional eating experience of tender, flavorful meat that is bursting with juiciness.

With its rich flavor and high fat content, Chairman's Reserve pork belly is perfect for slow cooking, roasting, or smoking. The marbling in Chairman's Reserve pork belly ensures that it remains tender and juicy during cooking, while also adding an extra dimension of flavor to any dish. This marbling also makes it an excellent choice for curing and smoking, creating a delicious, smoky flavor that is sure to please.

Chairman's Reserve pork belly is a premium, high-quality cut of pork that offers exceptional flavor and versatility in the kitchen. With its excellent quality and delicious flavor, it is the perfect choice for creating a wow-worthy dining experience.


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