Niitakaya Fukujinzuke (Pickled Radish) - 6.23 oz


Fukujinzuke is an assortment of Japanese-style pickled vegetables that is eaten as a side dish, appetizer, or relish. It is a popular accompaniment for Japanese curry or white rice. Fukujinzuke is aromatic and savory with a distinctive crunch. Eat it as-is or use it to add texture and flavor to stir-fry dishes.


Ingredients: Radish, eggplant, lotus root, perilla leaves, sesame seeds, water, sugar, hydrolyzed corn protein, sorbitol, salt, monosidum glutamate, orange ex, acetic acid, citric acid, malic acid, perilla ex, potassium sorbate, FD&C #40 red & yellow #5.