Fresh Makrut Lime Leaf - 1 oz


Makrut lime leaves, also known as kaffir lime leaves, are the foliage of the makrut lime tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. Lime leaves have a very strong and distinctive aroma that is fruity, floral, and intensely citrusy. Kaffir lime leaf along with galangal and lemongrass form the foundation of virtually all Asian curries: it is essential in flavoring panang, tom yum, red, and green curries. Kaffir lime leaves are immensely popular as a cocktail ingredient and flavoring for desserts: they impart an unique and refreshing flavor that lingers on the palate.


Uses: Julienne lime leaves and add to your curries or stir-fry dishes (such as pad thai) to elevate them. Muddle kaffir lime as you would mint for drinks. Infuse it into alcohol by steeping until the leaves transfer their vibrant color to the spirit.


These are fresh lime leaves. Freeze any leftover lime leaves in a resealable bag to preserve their freshness and color. 1 leaf is enough to flavor a gallon of curry.