Taro (Malanga) - 3 Lbs (大芋頭)


Taro, also known as malanga, is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia and India that is cultivated for its edible corms which are used as a root vegetable. Taro (aka Malanga Coco) is similar to eddoe and serves as a staple food in many countries such as Africa, Thailand, China, and Japan. Taro is primarily white with attractive streaks of purple. Taro has a sweet and nutty flavor owing to its natural sugars. This root vegetable is equally popular in both savory and sweet applications.


Uses: Peel taro before use as its skin is tough and fibrous. Boil, bake, roast, or fry taro to make a variety of different dishes from fries to ice cream. Add to your stews or stir-frys. Cooked taro can be mixed with sugar (or other sweeteners) to make a delicious paste that is popular as a filling in breads and desserts.