Yuzu Kosho Ao (Green) - 2.82 oz


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Yuzu kosho is a condiment made from sea salt, yuzu zest, and chili. The process is highly selective in using only the top layer of yuzu, perfect peppers, and Japanese sea salt resulting in an intensely fragrant and incredibly distinctive product. It is best used as an accent to enhance the natural flavors of food; dab a small amount on items such as sashimi, poultry, and wagyu beef.


Uses: Use yuzu kosho sparingly as the flavor is intense: just a dab on top of a skewer or piece of sashimi is enough to add an explosive flavor. Try yuzu kosho mixed with ponzu for a tasty dipping sauce.


Green yuzu kosho is made from unripe green yuzu and green chili peppers resulting in less spiciness and a more floral bouquet than red yuzu kosho.