Yajirushi Seasoned Horse Mackerel (Wild Caught) - 10.58 oz (3 Fish)


Horse mackerel, also known as Aji, Japanese jack mackerel, or Japanese scad, is named for its resemblance to the mackerel despite being in the jack fish family such as hamachi and other types of yellowtail. Aji tastes like a cross between saba and hamachi: it is light and buttery with a tender flesh that is flavorful and rich in umami. This fish is sashimi grade, lightly cured, seasoned with sweet potato shochu, and air-chilled to eliminate fishiness and enhance the natural flavor of the fish. It is delicious eaten raw as sashimi, grilled, or broiled.


Ingredients: European horse mackerel, water, salt, shochu (sweet potato, rice malt), sodium ascorbate.