Oriental Style Instant Vermicelli Wai Wai - 17.5 oz (健力米粉)


Vermicelli rice noodles come in a variety of sizes and are an essential part of Vietnamese cuisine. They are a staple starch in both hot and cold dishes. Use noodles as a bed to place flavorful stir-fry meats and vegetables or put them in flavorful broth such as pho! These noodles are instant dehydrated noodles making them the most convenient version to use. They can be cooked extremely quickly or even made ready-to-eat just by soaking in cold water. For dishes such as stir-fry where the cooking process is aggressive: use thicker noodles.


Uses: Bring a generous amount of water to a boil before adding dry vermicelli while stirring. When vermicelli is soft and tender, remove from water and rinse in cold water. Dried vermicelli can be steeped in cold water until soft and then used as desired.