Thai Banana - 2 Lbs


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Thai bananas are a tropical fruit native to Thailand whose appearance is short and plump compared to the commonly available Cavendish banana. Thai bananas are used extensively as both a fruit and a vegetable. Green bananas are firm and mild in flavor and can be cooked similar to plaintains: stewed, deep-fried, grilled, and more. Thai bananas are fully ripe when the the skin is yellow with significant amounts of black. These bananas are best enjoyed raw when ripe to fully enjoy their fragrant, sweet, and custard-like flavor.


Uses: Bananas don't need to be refrigerated and make for an excellent addition to packed meals as a snack or dessert. Eat bananas on their own or use them as a topping or ingredient in preparations such as banana cream pie or bananas foster.


Thai bananas ripen relatively quickly at room temperature. Bananas should be kept on a stand or hanger to keep them ripening evenly.