Tang's Purple Kyoho Grapes - 2 Lbs


Kyoho grapes are a famous Japanese hybrid of concord grape with some fruits having been sold for as much as $9,500 per bunch! These berries are a slip-skin variety: the skin is thicker and easily peeled from the flesh of the fruit. Kyoho grapes have an excellent flavor that sets it apart from other grapes: it is a delicious table grape that is ubiquitous as a flavoring for sweets such as jellies, candies, and desserts. Kyoho grapes are abundantly fragrant and flavorful with a refreshing sweetness. Tang's Kyoho grapes are a variant similar to Murasaki Queen kyoho grape. They are a super sweet with an incredibly high sugar content that exceeds 23% compared with the 18-20% of regular grapes. These are some of sweetest and most flavorful grapes to ever hit market.