Justmake Taiwanese Green Tea - 7.05 oz


Green tea is a type of traditional Chinese tea that is processed with a focus on minimizing oxidation and preserving the vibrant color and fresh flavor of tea leaves. Tea plants are grown and processed using various methods in a variety of environments and elevations resulting in complex flavors and qualities of tea that is as varied as wine.


Jasmine green tea uses green tea leaves that have been processed the traditional way and then flavored with the addition of jasmine flowers and essential oils. This tea is intensely floral and fragrant with the scent of white jasmine on a backdrop of grassy and earthy green tea.


High mountain green tea is considered the highest quality green tea. High elevations produce the highest quality tea leaves due to lower temperatures and the benefits of morning dew. The tea makers in the high mountains of China have a history of making incredibly high quality teas and in very limited supply. This tea is vibrant in both color and taste. The flavor is simultaneously subdued, complex, and explosive in aroma.