Vine Tomato - 2 Lbs


Vine tomatoes are the fruit of a plant in the nightshade family. Unlike other tomatoe varieties, vine tomatoes are an indeterminate variety meaning that they don't stop growing: the fruit on a single plant mature at different rates and must be harvested separately. This careful attention to only harvesting ripe tomatoes result in fruit that is significantly sweeter and more savory. These tomatoes are medium in size and comparable in flavor to Campari tomatoes which are notable for their juicy texture, high sugar content, and low acidity.


Uses: Vine tomatoes are excellent raw in salads, as a topping for bruschetta, and paired with sashimi. Roast campari tomatoes whole with olive oil for an excellent accompaniment to steaks and eggs. Use these savory-sweet tomatoes for exceptional sandwiches from BLTs to classic avocado.