Sugar Apple (Sweetsop) - 1 Lb (2-4 Pieces)


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Sugar apple, also known as sweetsop, is a species of edible fruit from the genus Annona native to Central America. They are a type of custard apple such as soursop and cherimoya. Sugar apples are sweet and fragrant with a dense and creamy custard-like flesh. They have a rich flavor that is reminiscent of ripe pineapple and tropical mango with hints of lychee. Sugar apples can be astringent if eaten too early so make sure that the fruit is fully ripe before eating. They should be incredibly fragrant and soft when ready-to-eat.


Leave sugar apples at room temperature to ripen until soft to the touch; the fruit will crack open on its own to reveal the fruit within. Black spots and lines along the skin/scales are normal and expected during the ripening process.