Starburst Pomelo - 1 Piece


Starburst pummelo, also known as pomelo, is a large citrus fruit that is the ancestor of the common grapefruit. Pomelos are a true citrus fruit: they are a non-hybrid heirloom variety. Pomelos have a particularly thick rind and pith that can be separated easily by hand to reveal jewel-like clusters of citrus pulp. Pomelos are sweet with little to no bitterness and a fragrant grapefruit-like aroma.


Uses: Make a shallow incision into the pomelo rind to expose the pith. Peel the rind with your hands until the center is revealed. Peel the segments free of pith and enjoy the clusters of sweet citrus pulp.


Pomelos can vary in color on the interior from pale yellow to a deep ruby red. Pomelo sizing changes with the season and the price reflects size. These are size 8.