Caimito (Star Apple) - 1 Piece


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Star apple, also known as caimito, cainito, and aguay, is the fruit of a tropical tree from the Sapotaceae family which includes mamey sapote and eggfruit. It is not related to apples despite its name. The skin varies in color from deep black, burnished red, and green with a flesh that is white to deep purple. Star apples are sweet, juicy, and incredibly refreshing: they taste similar to a dragon fruit with notes of longan, lychee, and blueberry. The texture is soft similar to a ripe seedless kiwifruit. Only the flesh is edible: the seeds should be discarded as should the latex-rich skin.


Uses: Cut star apples in half and scoop out the delicious pulp with a spoon. These fruits are best enjoyed raw or cooked lightly.