Yamasa Marudaizu Soy Sauce - 34 oz


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Yamasa is a traditional soy sauce manufacturer that has been brewing soy sauce since 1645. This premium soy sauce is brewed slowly through natural fermentation with no artificial flavorings or additives resulting in an incredibly deep and rich flavor backed by a lingering umami. Marudaizu soy sauce is an ultra premium condiment made from marudaizu (non-degreased soybeans) that are not genetically recombined, Japanese sea salt, and fermentation under natural sunlight. This soy sauce is significantly more labor intensive to produce but yields a mild taste and flavorful aroma that stands out from other soy sauce products.


Uses: Mix marudaizu soy sauce with a splash of yuzu juice to make a delicious and nuanced ponzu. Use as a dip for sashimi or hot pot in conjunction with mirin or dashi.


This premium soy sauce should first be enjoyed plain to taste all of the complexities.