Silver Gishi Shiratamako (Mochi Rice Flour) - 150g


Shiratamako is a premium glutinous rice flour made from mochigome, a type of Japanese glutinous rice, through a special process called the wet-meal method. This intensive process involves soaking the rice, grinding in water, and freeze-drying. The resulting coarse granules dissolve easily in water without forming lumps. Dough made with shiratamako is elastic and chewy with a very fine, smooth texture. Shiratamako is made almost exclusively in Japan and the intensive process makes it more expensive. Mochiko is a more affordable substitute for shiratamako that yields less impressive results.


Uses: Shiratamako is essential for making restaurant-quality mochi, dango, and wagashi. Add it to your rice flour recipes for smoother and bouncier texture.