Cock Brand Seedless Tamarind Paste - 16 oz


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Tamarind is a pod-like fruit native to Africa that is widely cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions for their exceptional flavor. Tamarind is incredibly complex in taste: it is fruity, sweet, earthy, and characteristically aromatic with a refreshingly sour taste. Tamarind paste is made wholly from peeled and seeded fresh tamarind without additives. It is a convenient way to use this delicious fruit in cooking. Tamarind is essential in achieving an authentic flavor in chutneys, curries, drinks, and more for a variety of different cultures ranging from Mexico to Thailand.


Uses: Simmer tamarind with an equal amount of water for 20 minutes to make a liquid concentrate that can be used in cooking. Use tamarind to season your favorite foods and  make iconic dishes such as pad thai.