Sashimi Grade Wild Bigeye Tuna Tartare (Nakaochi) - 8 oz


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Bigeye tuna is the second largest species of tuna after bluefin tuna with almost as much demand. Our tuna comes from the cool waters off the coast of Hawaii. Bigeye tuna was originally used by sushi chefs and restaurants concerned about the declining population of wild bigeye tuna but it has become a staple for sushi due to its flavorful meat and supple texture. Bigeye tuna is leaner than bluefin tuna which results in a clean, pure flavor that is full of umami. Bigeye can vary in color from ruby red to light pink with a lighter color indicating more fat. Nakaochi tuna is the meat scraped from the backbone of tuna and is incredibly tender in texture with a mild flavor. It resembles ground tuna in appearance and can be used in many of the same applications as tuna tartare.


Nakaochi tuna is best used to top rice bowls or used to make sushi rolls. For best taste, we recommend eating it within 2 days or freezing it for up to two weeks.