Sashimi Grade Cooked Japanese Red Octopus (Madako)


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Japanese red octopus, also known as tako, is specially processed to yield incredible flavor and texture. Fresh octopuses are cooked using high temperature steam technology to yield perfectly chewy flesh that is completely tender and aesthetically unmarred. The meat retains a high amount of natural umami and fragrance undiluted by excess exposure to water. Octopus is a common ingredient in many countries such as Spain and Japan where it is used for preparations such as paella, pulpo gallego, sushi, and takoyaki.


The tentacles are delicious whole or thinly sliced. They can be improved with a quick char in a hot pan or grill.

The mantle, while less attractive, has the same flavor as the tentacles with a more tender texture. It is perfect for dishes where the octopus isn't part of the presentation such as salads and cooked dishes.


This octopus is fully cooked, tender, and ready-to-eat from Japan.