Sashimi Grade Norwegian Salmon Loin - 8 oz


Atlantic salmon, also known as the king of fish, are one of the world's most popular fish due to their excellent flavor and attractive appearance. They are high in fat and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fish are farm-raised in Norway in their natural habitat rather than cramped fish pens. The aquaculture fjords containing the fish has a ratio of 97.5% water to 2.5% salmon. Norwegian salmon is sustainable with good fat content, full flavor, and a fresh cucumber-like aroma.

The loin cut comes from the dorsal portion of the fish. It is flavorful with a good balance of fat. It is the most commonly used cut in nigiri sushi and sashimi.

This is farm-raised salmon from Norway which consistently produces better quality fish than other regions such as Canada or Chile. These sashimi blocks (saku) are trimmed and ready for use in various raw or cooked preparations such as sashimi, sushi, or poke bowls. For best taste, we recommend eating it within 2 days or freezing it for up to two weeks.