Salted Duck Eggs - 8 Eggs (咸鸭蛋)

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Salted duck eggs are packed full of umami. Fresh eggs are salted and aged to concentrate the flavor and then gently cooked to have a perfectly soft white and almost runny yolk. Salted duck eggs are delicious on their own but pair exceptionally well as a side dish with more subtle foods such as porridge, rice, and noodles.


Uses: Crack the shell gently before peeling it on one end. Use a small spoon or chopsticks to eat small pieces of the egg. Pair with congee, ramen, or rice. Duck eggs can also be crumbled or grated over dishes like stir-fry lobster or crab to add umami.


Salted egg yolks have a unique flavor profile that is rich yet not overpowering.