Roasted Sesame Seeds (Iri Goma) J-Basket - 3.5 oz


Sesame seeds are the seeds of the flowering plant of the same name. Sesame is one of the world's oldest oilseed crops and have been cultivated for over three millennia. These nutty oil-rich seeds are used mostly for their rich fat content that are extracted for use as a flavorful condiment. Sesame is packed full of aroma-rich compounds and roasting enhances the flavors even more. Roasted sesame is an excellent addition to a variety of different dishes as its rich fragrance pairs well with meats, seafood, vegetables, and starches. Black sesame is nuttier in flavor with a slight bitterness compared to white sesame.


Uses: Pair sesame seeds with your favorite dishes by using it as a topping or mixing it into sauces. Try crusting tuna or salmon with sesame before pan-searing for a crisp and fragrant crust.