Raw Sour Tamarind (Tamarindo Agrio) - 1 Lb


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Tamarind is a pod-like fruit native to Africa that is widely cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions for their exceptional flavor. Tamarind is incredibly complex in taste: it is fruity, sweet, earthy, and characteristically aromatic with a refreshingly sour taste. Tamarind is essential in achieving an authentic flavor in chutneys, curries, drinks, and more for a variety of different cultures ranging from Mexico to Thailand. Sour tamarind has a more complex flavor than sweet tamarind and is most often used in cooking where its delicate acidity complements and improves flavor of other ingredients. Despite its name, sour tamarind still has quite a bit of sweetness and can be eaten fresh as a fruit.


Uses: The shells of tamarind are brittle and easy removed by hand to reveal the candy-like flesh within. Remove any hard root-like veins and enjoy tamarind by sucking on the fruit and eating around the seeds.


This is fresh, raw tamarind imported from Thailand. Please enjoy as soon as possible and keep refrigerated!