Preserved Lemon - 8 oz


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Preserved lemon, also known as lemon pickle or leems, is a flavorful condiment commonly found in Indian and Moroccan cuisine. It is made by curing fresh lemons in a mixture of salt, sugar, and lemon juice, letting it ferment at room temperature, and then drying them for long term storage. Preserved lemons have an intense, super concentrated lemon flavor with a surprising mellowness: the entire fruit is edible - pith, peel, and pulp. They are a phenomenal addition to both sweet and savory dishes. We like to use them in sauces, salad dressings, stews, braises, and pasta fillings.


Uses: Preserved lemons can be used whole as the curing process has mellowed out the harsh acidity and bitterness that are with fresh lemons. Try blending preserved lemons into a paste and use it as a seasoning for your favorite dishes - a little goes a long way.