Cho Fu Traditional Pineapple Cake - 6 oz


Pineapple cake is a traditional Taiwanese confectionery originally reserved for ceremonies. Pineapple cakes were created by a surplus of fruit. Taiwan became one of the largest producers and exporters of pineapples in the 1930s under Japanese rule due to Japanese industrialists establishing numerous processing plants and cultivars. As demand for pineapples decreased and production soared, there was a shift from export towards domestic sales leading to surplus pricing. Taiwanese bakeries incorporated pineapples into their pastries due to their abundance, flavor, and exceptionally low cost. Pineapple cakes have become an iconic Tawainese food due their rich history and exceptional flavor. This Cho Fu pineapple cakes features buttery pastry filled with a flavorful paste made from fresh pineapple fruit.


Cheaper variants will substitute some (or all) of the pineapple for winter melon. This pineapple cake filling uses only pineapple with no filler.