Peach Gum (Tao Jiao) - 4 oz


Peach gum is a amber-like resin that is naturally formed from the sap of wild Chinese peach trees. It is often referred to as the tears of the peach blossom. Peach gum is a natural food that is often compared to bird's nest. It is high in amino acids and has numerous health benefits with particular focus on stomach and skin. Peach gum has a soft and texture texture and light peach fragrance. It is best when incorporated into sweet soups, desserts, and braises. Peach gum pairs exceptionally well with longan or lychee in dessert soups such as tong sui.


Uses: Soak peach gum overnight in cold water to soften them. They will triple in size. Clean peach gum of any visible debris or bark. Simmer peach gum for about 45 minutes or until soft and jelly-like.


We like to use peach gum as a bubble/boba tea topping. It pairs incredibly well with sugar and tapioca pearls.