Parrot Brand Fish Curry Powder (Serbuk Kari Ikan) - 8.8 oz

Serbuk kari ikan, also known as ikan masak kari in Malaysia, is a popular spice blend used in traditional Malaysian cuisine. It is a combination of various spices, such as turmeric, coriander, cumin, and chili powder, that are ground together to create a flavorful powder. The exact recipe for serbuk kari ikan can vary depending on the cook and the region in Malaysia, but it typically includes a mix of aromatic and savory spices.

The use of fish curry powder is prevalent in the coastal regions of Malaysia, where fish and seafood are abundant. It is a staple ingredient in many traditional fish curry dishes, such as ikan assam pedas, which is a sour and spicy fish curry made with tamarind, and ikan masak lemak cili padi, which is a creamy fish curry made with coconut milk and small chilies.

In Malaysia, serbuk kari ikan is also used as a marinade for grilling fish or seafood, and is added to soups and stews to give them a rich, flavorful taste. The powder is also sometimes mixed with coconut milk and used as a dip for seafood.