Free Range Chicken Livers - 12 oz

Chicken livers are a versatile ingredient that can be used to made a variety of dishes. They are chicken giblets alongside gizzard and heart. They range in color from pale orange to deep red depending on the diet of the chicken. Chicken livers are particularly popular in French cuisine where they are used to make pâtés, terrines, and pies. Some other common uses of chicken livers include:
  • Liver pâté: Chicken livers are cooked with aromatics and then blended with butter, cream, and seasonings to make a smooth and rich spread.

  • Liver and onions: Chicken livers are coated with flour and sautéed with onions, seasonings, and a dash of flavorful liquor.

  • Soups and stocks: Chicken livers can be added to chicken stock alongside vegetables and seasonings to make a more flavorful broth.

  • Gravy and sauces : Chicken livers can be sautéed with butter, flour, and chicken broth to make a rich and flavorful gravy or sauce.

  • Pâté en croûte: Chicken livers can be mixed with butter, eggs, and other ingredients, and then wrapped in pastry and baked to make this classic French dish.

  • In some cultures, chicken livers are considered a delicacy and are consumed as-is.

These chicken livers are harvested from free range, organic birds that have been fed an all vegetable diet without antibiotics. They have been flash frozen straight after slaughter to preserve freshness and flavor.