My-Do Masago (Seasoned Capelin Roe and Herring Roe) - 1.1 Lbs


Masago, also known as smelt roe, is seasoned capelin roe that is ubiquitous in Japanese cuisine as a condiment, flavoring, topping, and garnish. Masago is smaller than tobiko with a soft texture and intensely rich, sweet-savory seafood flavor. Masago is fully prepared and ready-to-eat straight from the container. It is an immensely popular addition to sushi, poke, and donburi.


Ingredients: Capelin roe (Iceland/Norway, wild), herring roe (Denmark/Scotland, wild), sugar, salt, gluten free soy sauce (water, salt, soybeans, alcohol), naturally steeped kelp broth, naturally steeped bonito broth, FD&C yellow #6.