Murasaki Queen Kyoho Grapes


Kyoho grapes are a famous Japanese hybrid of concord grape with some fruits having been sold for as much as $9,500 per bunch! These berries are a slip-skin variety: the skin is thick and easily peeled from the flesh of the fruit. Kyoho grapes have an excellent flavor that sets it apart from other grapes in sweetness, aroma, and texture. They are abundantly fragrant, super juicy, and incredibly flavorful with a refreshing melon-like sweetness. These grapes are ubiquitous in Japan as a flavoring for jams, candies, and desserts.  Murasaki Queen kyoho grapes are a super sweet variant from Ibara Otani premium fruits with an incredibly high sugar content that exceeds 23% compared with the 18-20% of regular grapes. These are some of sweetest grapes to ever hit market alongside Peony grapes.