Morita Ryorishu (Cooking Sake) - 16.6 oz


Ryorishu, which translates to cuisine alcohol, is a type of rice wine made specially for cooking similar to mirin. Sake has numerous applications in cooking in improving flavor. The alcohol helps neutralize odors such as fishiness or gaminess while the natural flavor of the sake helps season and improve the taste of foods by adding richness and umami. Ryorishu is similar to sake but they are made using a lower milling ratio of rice for a more complex flavor and have the addition of salt. Add ryorishu to hot dishes such as hot pot, steamed fish, or stir-fry to improve flavor, add aroma, and increase umami.


Ingredients: Rice, malted rice, salt, high fructose corn syrup, salt, alcohol, citric acid.


Morita ryorishu has 13% ABV.