Leidy's Cajun Style Premium Andouille Sausage - 12 oz


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Since 1893, Leidy’s has been providing delicious, natural pork to discerning meat purveyors, creative chefs, seasoned pit masters and conscientious consumers who demand the best quality. Over the years, and across five generations, they have grown and perfected their craft.

Andouille is a flavorful and smoky sausage that originated in France but found its true home in the heart of Louisiana's Creole and Cajun cuisine. It starts with coarsely ground pork that is flavored with a blend of spices that heavily features garlic, onion, black pepper, and cayenne pepper, which gives it its signature robust and spicy taste. The sausages are then smoked over a mixture of pecan wood and hardwood, infusing it with a rich, earthy aroma. Andouille sausage has a complex flavor profile that adds depth and a touch of heat to a variety of dishes, from jambalaya and gumbo to red beans and rice, making it a staple ingredient in Southern cooking that embodies the vibrant and bold flavors of the region.