Maikohan Maruya La-yu (Chili Crisp) - 3.17 oz


La-yu (rayu), directly translated to chili oil, is a Japanese variation of the Chinese chili crisp condiment. This chili crisp is made in Kyoto near Kiyomizu Temple by Maikohan: one of Japan's most famous spice vendors known for their signature seven spices blend. This is their flagship product made using their signature blend of habanero and different kinds of red pepper resulting in a incredibly delicious, fragrant, and spicy condiment. Add just a touch to a variety of foods to add heat, umami, and unparalleled aroma.


Uses: Chili crisp pairs well with virtually all foods from ice cream to sashimi. Add a dab to your dipping sauces or use it as a topping for your favorite foods. We like it on eggs.