Marukan Kurozu Hachimitsu (Black Vinegar with Honey) - 16.9 oz


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Kurozu, literally black vinegar, is a type of Japanese vinegar renowned for its well-rounded and complex flavor that is mild with a hint of lingering sweetness. Kurozu has been made for centuries using a traditional method where rice, water, and koji-kin, a mold used in the production of sake, are combined in black ceramic jars and left to slowly ferment under the sun. Marukan has been producing vinegars for nearly 400 years and kurozu is one of their finest products: premium kurozu is carefully blended with a small amount of honey to enhance its natural sweetness and bring out the full flavor of its complex acidity.


Uses: Kurozu is best used as a finishing vinegar similar to balsamic vinegar. Spray it on roasted or fried meat, seafood, and vegetables to add a deep complexity and flavor. Mix it with soy sauce to create a phenomenal ponzu. Add a dash of kurozu to soups and braises to enhance natural flavors and add vibrance.