Krimson Sashimi Grade Southern Bluefin Tuna Saku Block (Akami)


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Bluefin is the largest species of tuna and one of the most prized fish for sushi due to its flavorful flesh that is packed with umami. It is the only type of tuna that has marbling due to its large size: each individual fish can grow as large as 2,000 pounds! There are three species of bluefin: Atlantic (the largest and most endangered), Pacific, and Southern. This is wild Southern bluefin tuna caught in the pristine waters of the Indonesian sea. Wild bluefin tuna has less fat than their farmed counterparts but more flavor and texture.


Akami is lean and dark red in color. It is cut from the back and sides of the tuna and is known for its firm, flavorful meat. Akami is often served raw as sashimi or sushi, or it can be seared or grilled. It is less fatty that otoro which is cut from the belly of the fish.


These sashimi blocks (saku) are trimmed and ready for use in various raw or cooked preparations such as sashimi, sushi, or poke bowls. For best taste, we recommend eating it within 2 days or freezing it for up to two weeks.