Kinjirushi Grated Wasabi (White) - 7 oz


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Wasabi is a fragrant rhizome native to Japan prized for its aromatic spiciness and sweet, pungent flavor. Wasabi is one of the most difficult plants to grow due to their stringent requirements and long maturation period of 2 years. Kinjirushi grated wasabi is a blend made from true Japanese wasabi and a small amount of European horseradish for heat. It is a richly flavorful condiment that is a phenomenal blend of heat, fragrance, and umami. This wasabi is processed using an oroshi grater yielding a slightly coarse texture that is perfect for sashimi or sauces.


Uses: Wasabi is an essential part of a variety of traditional Japanese foods such as sushi, soba, and steak. Wasabi is mostly commonly mixed with soy sauce or ponzu to make a delicious dip but it is an excellent addition to a wide variety of sauces, dressings, and seasonings.