Kangkong (Water Spinach) - 1 Lb (通心菜)


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Kangkong, also known as ong choy or water spinach, is a semi-aquatic tropical plant in the morning glory family. Kangkong are harvested young for their tender shoots and leaves which are commonly eaten as vegetables. The leaves and stems, when cooked, have a light slippery texture with a sweet vegetal flavor that is refreshing and a little nutty. Kangkong pairs exceptionally well with garlic, chili paste, and seafood.


Uses: Kangkong can be cooked similarly to spinach but it is most popular stir-fried. Sweat minced garlic in a generous spoonful of oil before adding flavorful ingredients like sambal. Add kangkong and stir-fry until the leaves are wilted and the stems are vibrantly green. Toss with oyster sauce, fish sauce, or your favorite sauce and serve.