Pick & Squeeze Kalamansi Honey Concentrate - 25 oz


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Calamansi, also known as calamondin, kalamansi, or the Phillipine lime, is a an aromatic citrus fruit fom Southeast Asia. It is as iconic to the Phillipines as yuzu is to Japan. Calamansi has a refreshingly tart flavor that is reminiscent of orange, lime, and lemon with a strong and complex floral aroma. This honey concentrate is made from kalamansi and honey to form a delicious syrup that can be used as a spread, sauce, or base for drinks.


Uses: Mix honey concentrate and water to taste for a delicious beverage. Use concentrate as a syrup or spread for toast, pancakes, and other confections. Add a touch of concentrate to your sauces for a sweet and fragrant taste.