Jurgielewicz Whole Duck Leg - 12-14 oz


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Duck is a bird with red meat that has a flavor that is a cross between beef, venison, and poultry: rich, deep, and full of umami. Duck Legs are versatile and often braised, confit, roasted, or smoked and offer a flavor that is unmatched. These duck legs are whole which means they have both the leg and thigh attached, with the excess fat trimmed. They are cut by professional butchers and packed in air tight vacuumed sealed bags to ensure their high quality.

Pekin duck, also known as Long Island duck, is an American breed of duck that with lean, succulent meat and excellent flavor. It is famously used in the Chinese-style roasted duck dish of a similar name: Peking duck. Jurgielewicz farms have been raising ducks for over 90 years and 4 generations. Their free-roaming ducks are humanely raised on family farms and fed an antibiotic and hormone free diet of corn and soybeans. They are dubbed "America's tastiest duck".


Uses: Leave the duck breast uncovered on a rack in the refrigerator for a few days to dry out the skin. Score the skin and cook skin-side down on low heat until the fat is rendered and skin is crispy before flipping and finishing on the meat side.