O's Bubble Instant Boba Tea Kit - 1 Box (4 Packs)


Bubble tea is a drink that features bouncy tapioca pearls and milk-infused tea that is the national drink of Taiwan. Instant bubble tea kits are perfect for people who want the taste of freshly made bubble tea without having to spend an hour making tapioca pearls. These kits are made without preservatives and come in a variety of popular flavors. Each box contains four individually sealed portions with straws included. This bubble tea kit is made by O's Bubble: a Taiwanese company that is striving to revolutionize how bubble tea is typically prepared by creating innovative DIY instant boba.


Each box makes four bubble tea drinks which take as little as 60 seconds to prepare with a microwave or 4-6 minutes using boiling water. This bubble tea kit is the closest thing we've tasted to actual bubble tea!