Ikkyusan Mizuame (Millet Jelly) - 9.8 oz


Mizuame, also known as millet jelly, is a sweetener from Japan. It is a clear, thick, and sticky liquid that is made by converting starch to sugars. Mizuame is used to add a sheen to wagashi and can be used as a main ingredient in sweets. It is similar in taste to corn syrup and can be eaten in ways similar to honey. Two methods are used to convert the starches to sugars - the traditional method involves using glutinous rice mixed with malt, while the second and more common method involves acid hydrolysis of potato starch or sweet potato starch using hydrochloric, sulfuric or nitric acids to make glucose syrup. The final product of the traditional method is known as mugi mizuame and is considered more flavorful than the acid version.

Ikkyusan mizuame is made using the traditional method and has unparalleled flavor, gloss, and texture.