House Foods Java Curry Sauce Mix - 6.52 oz


Java Curry is a type of Japanese curry that is known for its robust and flavorful taste due to its use of caramelized onions, roasted garlic, and cardamom. These added ingredients give the curry a rich, complex flavor that sets it apart from other types of Japanese curry.

The caramelized onions bring a sweet and savory depth to the Java Curry, while the roasted garlic adds a nutty, smoky flavor. The cardamom provides a slightly spicy and fragrant taste that adds a subtle kick to the overall flavor profile. These ingredients are blended together with the proprietary spice and seasoning mix to create a bold and delicious curry that is sure to satisfy any curry lover's taste buds.

Like other types of Japanese curry, Java Curry can be paired with a wide variety of meats, fish, and vegetables to create a satisfying and hearty meal. With its rich, complex flavor and easy preparation using curry roux blocks, Java Curry is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the comforting taste of curry without spending hours in the kitchen.