Whole Garlic Bulb - 5 Pieces (蒜头)


Garlic is a flowering bulb that is prized for its pungent and fragrant bulb that is located just above the roots. It is ubiquitous in nearly all cuisines as a flavoring to the extent that is harder to find a savory recipe without garlic than one with it. a little bit of garlic. Garlic has an unmistakable flavor that is pungent and spicy flavor when raw that becomes mellow and sweet when cooked.


Uses: Slowly roast whole garlic in a 350F oven for 45 minutes with olive oil and use the soft cloves as a spread. Mince raw garlic and mix it with herbs, oil, and seasoning for a delicious sauce. Use crushed garlic with herbs and butter to baste your steaks and roasted meats.