Twin Marquis Fresh Noodles


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Twin Marquis is the leading brand of fresh dumpling wrappers and noodles founded locally in New York City in 1989. These fresh noodles are elastic, silky, and smooth with just enough flour to prevent sticking. Twin Marquis noodles have incredible consistency and are used by many restaurants to make iconic noodle dishes from soups to stir-frys.

Plain noodles are vegan wheat-based noodles with a distinctive white color and chewy texture. They are excellent in soups and stir-fry dishes or as a vegan substitute for pasta.

Yang chun plain noodles are vegan wheat-based noodles characterized by its white color, thin size, and silky texture.

Wonton noodles are egg-based noodles that are yellow in color and flat. It is an alternative for the thin noodles traditionally served with wontons in the classic Hong Kong wonton noodle soup but also serves as an excellent ramen or stir-fry noodle.

Lo mein noodles are characterized by their yellow color and thick tubular shape. It is literally translated as "stir noodle" in Cantonese, its name is derived from its popular preparation method.