Fresh Curry Leaves - 1 oz


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Curry leaves, also known as sweet neem leaves, are an incredibly aromatic herb that is part of the citrus family. It has an unmistakable taste that is a signature flavor of South India, Malaysia, and Singapore. They have light and earthy undertones with bright bursts of sweet nuttiness that is both citrusy and nutty. Curry leaves are mostly found in its dried form but fresh leaves are many times more potent in flavor, aroma, and complexity. They should be fried using high heat to extract their flavors before adding to other dishes.


Uses: Sauté curry leaves in a generous amount of ghee (clarified butter) or oil to extract its flavor. Use this flavorful extraction to top bread, form a flavor base for dishes (such as curries), or as stirred into your favorite dishes. Dry curry leaves on a rack at room temperature until they are crisp and grind them into a fine powder to flavor other foods.