Sashimi Grade Faroe Islands Salmon Diamond Fillet - 8 oz


Atlantic salmon is often dubbed the king of fish due to its immense popularity owing to its mild flavor and attractive appearance. Salmon is incredibly flavorful and fragrant due to its naturally high fat content. This salmon is farm-raised in the Faroe Islands which is renowned for producing fish of superior quality and taste. The remote islands are surrounded by pristine clear waters, cool steady sea temperatures, strong currents, and accessible fjords which have been the feeding grounds of wild Atlantic salmon for thousands of years. These fish are raised with great care and in ideal conditions resulting in incredible fat content, umami-packed flavor, and a fresh cucumber-like aroma.


These salmon fillets are cut from the same fish that we use for sashimi blocks but with the skin left on to make it ideal for cooking. It is safe to eat at any doneness. We prefer cooking our salmon to medium rare such that the skin is crispy while the center is meltingly tender.